S5 E44 Kelly Treleaven, Justin Taylor, Meghan Leahy
On the Podcast: Kelly Treleaven, Justin Taylor, and Meghan Leahy

In this episode, meet Kelly Treleaven, author of Love, Teach, Justin Taylor, author of Riding with the Ghost, and Meghan Leahy, author of Parenting Outside the Lines. Join each of these authors in the recording booth as they discuss their new books, the complexities of teaching and learning, and the intimacy that the audio format can bring to the written word.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

Hopeful musings and serious advice for new teachers from the formerly anonymous blogger behind Love, Teach. In Treleaven’s debut audiobook, she gives rookie teachers the advice she wishes she’d had when she started out. From logistical questions to deeper issues, Love, Teach is an essential audiobook for anyone working in education today or considering the profession.

When Justin Taylor was thirty, his father drove to the top of the Nashville airport parking garage to take his own life. Thanks to the intervention of family members, he was not successful, but the incident forever transformed how Taylor thinks of his father, and how he thinks of himself as a son. With raw intimacy, Riding with the Ghost lays bare the joys and burdens of loving a troubled family member. It’s a memoir about fathers and sons, teachers and students, faith and illness, and the pieces of our loved ones that we carry with us.

Author: Meghan Leahy
Read By: Meghan Leahy

No-nonsense, sanity-saving insights from the Washington Post on Parenting columnist—for anyone who’s drowning in parental pressure and advice that doesn’t work. Filled with insights based on child development and hard-won lessons in the trenches, this honest audio guide presents a new approach, offering permission to practice imperfect parenting with a strong dose of common sense, empathy, and laughter.

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