S6 E31 Martha Beck, Gina Hamadey
On the Podcast: Martha Beck and Gina Hamadey

In this episode, meet life coach and speaker Martha Beck, author of The Way of Integrity, and writer and editor Gina Hamadey, author of I Want to Thank You. These two authors share a desire to help listeners discover happiness. Now, listen in as they talk about their audiobooks and their recording experience.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

Author: Martha Beck
Read By: Martha Beck

In The Way of Integrity, bestselling author, life coach and sociologist Martha Beck explains why integrity—needed now more than ever in these tumultuous times—is the key to a meaningful and joyful life. In this audiobook, Beck presents a four-stage process that anyone can use to find integrity, and with it, a sense of purpose, emotional healing, and a life free of mental suffering.

Author: Gina Hamadey
Read By: Gina Hamadey

We all know that gratitude is good for us—but the real magic comes when we express it. In I Want to Thank You, Gina Hamaday chronicles how twelve months spent writing 365 thank-you notes to strangers, neighbors, family members, and friends shifted her perspective.

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