S5 E39 Matt Alt, A. Kendra Greene, Kent Russell
On the Podcast: Matt Alt, A. Kendra Greene, and Kent Russell

In this episode, meet Matt Alt, author of Pure Invention, A. Kendra Greene, author of The Museum of Whales You Will Never See, and Kent Russell, author of In the Land of Good Living. In their new audiobooks, each of these authors takes a deep dive into the intersection of geography and culture, and the ways in which a product, artifact, or lived experience that is grounded in the local can expand into the global, influencing all of us. Listen in as they describe what it was like to record their audiobooks. Plus, discover the perfect audiobook to listen to while “circling deeper into eternal torment.”

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

Author: Matt Alt
Read By: Matt Alt

The Walkman. Karaoke. Pikachu. Pac-Man. Akira. Emoji. We’ve all fallen in love with one or another of Japan’s pop-culture creations, from the techy to the wild to the super-kawaii. But as Japanese media veteran Matt Alt proves in this brilliant investigation of Tokyo’s pop-fantasy complex, we don’t know the half of it. Japan’s toys, gadgets, and imaginary worlds didn’t merely entertain. They profoundly transformed the way we live.

Iceland is home to only 330,000 people (roughly the population of Lexington, Kentucky) but more than 265 museums and public collections–nearly one for every ten people. Mythic creatures, natural wonders, and the mysterious human impulse to collect are on beguiling display in this poetic tribute to the museums of an otherworldly island nation.

Author: Kent Russell
Read By: Kent Russell

A wickedly smart, funny, and irresistibly off-kilter account of an improbable thousand-mile journey on foot into the heart of modern Florida, the state that Russell calls “America Concentrate.” The narrative overflows with historical detail about how modern Florida came into being after World War II, and how it came to be a place of unrivaled ethnic and religious variety. Russell has taken it all in with his incomparably focused lens and delivered an audiobook that is both an inspired travelogue and a profound rumination on the nation’s soul—and his own.

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