This Is the Author S6 E48: Images of Matthew Barzun, Ben Rhodes, Andy Martino
On the Podcast: Matthew Barzun, Ben Rhodes, and Andy Martino

In this episode, meet diplomat Matthew Barzun, author of The Power of Giving Away Power, Pod Save the World co-host Ben Rhodes, author of After the Fall, and reporter and MLB analyst Andy Martino, author of Cheated. Step into the recording booth and find out why it was important to these authors to write their books—as well as narrate them.

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Barzun brilliantly layers lessons across history and industries with his own experiences as an internet entrepreneur, political organizer, and US ambassador to the United Kingdom and Sweden. The Power of Giving Away Power shows how the Constellation mindset shines in some of the most impactful organizations and innovations the world has ever known. And it encourages us all to recognize, as Barzun writes, “the power we can create by seeing the power in others.”

Author: Ben Rhodes
Read By: Ben Rhodes

A New York Times bestseller. Why is democracy so threatened in America and around the world, and what can we do about it? Part memoir and part reportage, After the Fall is a hugely ambitious and essential work of discovery. In his travels, Ben Rhodes comes to realize how much America’s fingerprints are on a world we helped to shape, where we have gone wrong, and how essential it is to fight for what we’re supposed to be.

Author: Andy Martino
Read By: Andy Martino

Andy Martino has covered Major League Baseball for more than a decade, and broken numerous stories about the Astros and sign-stealing in baseball. In Cheated, Martino takes listeners behind the scenes and into the heart of the events that shocked the baseball world. With inside access to the people directly involved, Martino breaks down not only exactly what happened and when, but reveals the fascinating explanations of why it all came about.

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