This Is the Author S6 E86 Image of Megan Fairchild, Thomas Forster, Charlotte Nebres
On the Podcast: Megan Fairchild, Thomas Forster, and Charlotte Nebres

In this episode, meet New York City Ballet principal dancer Megan Fairchild, author of The Ballerina Mindset, American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Thomas Forster, author of My Daddy Can Fly, and ballet dancer Charlotte Nebres, author of Charlotte and the Nutcracker. Listen in to hear each of these authors talk about their love of dance, and the joys and difficulties that come with that love. Plus, learn what it was like for these seasoned performers to “perform” their audiobooks.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

Ballet may look glamorous and effortless to audience members, but it requires grueling discipline. It’s a competitive and physically and mentally demanding career that combines elite athleticism, artistry, and performance. As a principal ballerina with New York City Ballet and a one-time Broadway star, Megan Fairchild is all too familiar with these challenges. Inspiring, warm, and revelatory, The Ballerina Mindset is the perfect how-to guide for dancers, athletes, artists, and anyone struggling to stay sane in a high-pressure environment.

Ben and his friends are playing in the dress-up corner and talking about what they want to be when they grow up. When Ben says he wants to fly just like his daddy, his friends think his daddy must be a pilot, but Ben’s dad flies in another way! For young dance lovers, My Daddy Can Fly!, written and read by American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Thomas Forster, is a picture book on audio that will appeal to all ballet dancing children and their loved ones.

The only thing Charlotte loves as much as ballet is Christmas. So, when she gets the opportunity to play Marie in the New York City Ballet’s The Nutcracker, she leaps at the chance. Charlotte and the Nutcracker weaves together the classic Christmas tale of The Nutcracker and the true-life story of 12-year-old ballerina Charlotte Nebres to create a multicultural tale of family, dance, and holiday cheer.

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