S5 Ep 31 Meredith Fineman, Alex Kantrowitz, Adrienne Lawrence
On the Podcast: Meredith Fineman, Alex Kantrowitz, and Adrienne Lawrence

In this episode, meet Meredith Fineman, author of Brag Better, Alex Kantrowitz, author of Always Day One, and Adrienne Lawrence, author of Staying in the Game. Each of these authors has taken a hard look at how engrained company cultures and established hierarchies can deeply and often negatively affect everything from worker productivity and innovation to employees’ basic ability to grow and thrive. Listen in to learn what it means to “brag better,” how to apply the internal structures of tech giants to your own work place, and how to survive and thrive after serious workplace harassment. Plus, hear what it was like for each of these authors to record their audiobooks, and who may think twice before ever using “so many letter p’s in a sentence again.”

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

Bragging better doesn’t require false bravado, talking over people, or pretending to be more qualified than you are. Instead, Fineman advocates finding quiet confidence in your opinions, abilities, and background, and then turning up the volume. In this audiobook, you will learn the career-changing tools she’s developed over the past decade that make bragging feel easy.

In Always Day One, Kantrowitz uncovers the engine propelling the tech giants’ continued dominance at a stage when most big companies begin to decline. And he shows the way forward for everyone who wants to compete with—and beat—the titans.

Lawyer and former ESPN anchor Adrienne Lawrence has learned to advocate for herself and other women. In this audiobook, she provides a practical guide to shutting down workplace sexual harassment so it doesn’t derail your career or your life.

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