Qian Julie Wang, Jarrett Adams, Indra Nooyi
On the Podcast: Qian Julie Wang, Jarrett Adams, and Indra Nooyi

In this episode, meet civil rights and education litigator Qian Julie Wang, author of Beautiful Country, criminal defense lawyer Jarrett Adams, author of Redeeming Justice, and former chair and CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi, author of My Life in Full. Each of these authors decided to share their personal stories and histories in the hopes of helping people learn, grow, and, ultimately, build a better world. Listen in as they talk about recording their audiobooks.

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In Chinese, the word for America, Mei Guo, translates directly to “beautiful country.” Yet when seven-year-old Qian Julie Wang arrives in New York City in 1994 full of curiosity, her family is “illegal” and it will require all the determination and small joys they can muster to survive. Beautiful Country puts listeners in the shoes of an undocumented child living in poverty in the richest country in the world.

Jarrett Adams was seventeen when an all-white jury sentenced him to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Now a pioneering lawyer, he recalls the journey that led to his exoneration—and inspired him to devote his life to fighting the many injustices in our legal system. Redeeming Justice is an unforgettable firsthand account of the limits—and possibilities—of our country’s system of law.

Author: Indra Nooyi
Read By: Indra Nooyi

For a dozen years, Indra Nooyi redefined what it means to be an exceptional leader. The first woman of color and immigrant to run a Fortune 50 company, she transformed PepsiCo. Now, in her rich memoir My Life in Full, Nooyi offers a firsthand view of her legendary career and the sacrifices it demanded.

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