Samara Bay, Barbara Rae-Venter, and Joanna Schwartz
On the Podcast: Samara Bay, Barbara Rae-Venter, Joanna Schwartz

In this episode, meet business and public speaking coach Samara Bay, author of Permission to Speak, investigative genetic genealogist and biochemist Barbara Rae-Venter, author of I Know Who You Are, and UCLA law professor Joanna Schwartz, author of Shielded. Press play to hear how these authors’ specific areas of expertise informed and inspired their audiobooks.

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Author: Samara Bay
Read By: Samara Bay

Use your voice to lead us to a better future with Permission to Speak, a game-changing guide to redefining what power and authority sound like—from Samara Bay, a speech expert who’s worked with Hollywood’s biggest stars, political powerhouses, and businesspeople shaking up the status quo.

For twelve years the Golden State Killer terrorized California, stalking victims and killing without remorse. Then he simply disappeared, for the next forty-four years, until an amateur DNA sleuth opened her laptop. In I Know Who You Are, Barbara Rae-Venter reveals how she went from researching her family history as a retiree to hunting for a notorious serial killer.

In Shielded, UCLA law professor Joanna Schwartz exposes the myriad ways in which our legal system protects police at all costs. Weaving powerful true stories of people seeking restitution for violated rights, cutting across race, gender, criminal history, tax bracket, and zip code, Schwartz paints a compelling picture of the human cost of our failing criminal justice system, bringing clarity to a problem that is widely known but little understood.

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