This Is the Author S8 E5 Images of Scarlett Cochran, Khadeen Ellis & Devale Ellis, Carolyne Faulkner
On the Podcast: Scarlett Cochran, Khadeen Ellis and Devale Ellis, and Carolyne Faulkner

In this episode, meet attorney and financial expert Scarlett Cochran, author of It’s Not About the Money, podcast cohosts Khadeen Ellis and Devale Ellis, coauthors of We Over Me, and astrologer Carolyne Faulkner, author of The Signs in Love. Tune in to hear what each of these authors hope listeners will learn about money, relationships, and astrology from their audiobooks.

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In It’s Not About the Money, Scarlett Cochran shares a holistic way to understand money and find your own path to financial freedom. The good news is, you can create a money plan that you actually enjoy sticking to. Cochran knows because she’s been there, from starting out as a single teenage mom living under the poverty line and working to put herself through law school, to becoming the founder of One Big Happy Life and teaching millions how to create the rich life that we deserve, on our own terms.

In We Over Me, the stars of the social media show The Ellises and hosts of the Webby Award-winning podcast Dead Ass with K&D share the core pillars of their relationship. After twelve years of marriage, twenty years together, and four kids, Devale and Khadeen Ellis have been through a lot. With their trademark transparency and humor, Khadeen and Devale share the messy, behind-the-scenes work of what it takes to succeed and support one another in their search for individual purpose while growing in their marriage.

Carolyne Faulkner knows the number-one reason her clients seek her out to consult the stars: love. After all, we are made of stardust, and understanding the cosmos can provide critical insight into our lives, our well-being, and matters of the heart. In The Signs in Love, Faulkner explains how each sign matches up with the others, with the pros and pitfalls of each, and offers interactive journaling prompts to allow each reader to create a wholly personal road map to understanding themselves and their unions in romance, family, and friendship.

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