Simran Jeet Singh, Maya Payne Smart, and Satya Doyle Byock
On the Podcast: Simran Jeet Singh, Maya Payne Smart, and Satya Doyle Byock

In this episode, meet executive director for the Aspen Institute’s Religion & Society Program Simran Jeet Singh, author of The Light We Give, parent educator and literacy advocate Maya Payne Smart, author of Reading for Our Lives, and psychotherapist and the director of The Salome Institute of Jungian Studies Satya Doyle Byock, author of Quarterlife. Press play to hear the authors describe the journeys they each took that led them to writing their audiobooks.

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As a boy growing up in South Texas, Simran Jeet Singh and his brothers confronted racism daily. Instead of turning towards negativity, Singh delved deep into the Sikh teachings that he grew up with and embraced the lessons to seek the good in every person and situation. Part memoir, part spiritual journey, The Light We Give lays out how we can learn to integrate ethical living to achieve personal happiness and a happier life.

When her child went off to school, Maya Smart was shocked to discover that a good education in America is a long shot, in ways that few parents fully appreciate. Our current approach to literacy offers too little, too late, and attempting to play catch-up when our kids get to kindergarten can no longer be our default strategy. Reading for Our Lives gives parents easy, immediate, and accessible ways to nurture language and literacy development from the start.

I’m stuck. What’s wrong with me? Is this all there is? Satya Doyle Byock hears these refrains regularly in her psychotherapy practice where she works with “Quarterlifers,” individuals between the ages of sixteen to thirty-six. Byock believes these struggles are part of a distinct stage that every person goes through. Quarterlife utilizes personal storytelling, mythology, Jungian psychology, pop culture, literature, and client case studies to provide guideposts for this period of life.

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