This Is the Author S6 E64 Image of Spencer Ackerman, Carla Power, Jonathan Knee
On the Podcast: Spencer Ackerman, Carla Power, and Jonathan Knee

In this episode, meet national security reporter Spencer Ackerman, author of Reign of Terror, journalist Carla Power, author of Home, Land, Security, and investment banker and professor Jonathan Knee, author of The Platform Delusion.

Go behind the mic to hear what is was like for these seasoned writers to record their latest books on audio: Spencer Ackerman on what engaging in endless war has done to America, Carla Power on the controversial field of deradicalization, and Jonathan Knee on what really makes the biggest tech companies tick. Plus, find out who described recording their audiobook as “a fun marathon.”

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

A union of journalism and intellectual history, Reign of Terror is a pathbreaking and definitive audiobook with the power to transform how America understands its national security policies and their catastrophic impact on its civic life.

Author: Carla Power
Read By: Carla Power

An eye-opening, page-turning investigation, Home, Land, Security speaks to the rise of division and radicalization in all forms, both at home and abroad. In this richly reported and deeply human account, Carla Power offers new ways to overcome the rising tides of extremism, one human at a time.

The Platform Delusion demystifies the success of the biggest digital companies in sectors from retail to media to software to hardware, offering readers what those companies don’t want everyone else to know. Knee’s insights are invaluable for entrepreneurs and investors in digital businesses seeking to understand what drives resilience and profitability for the long term.

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