S5 E6 Steve Inskeep, Kate Winkler Dawson, William Wheeler
On the Podcast: Steve Inskeep, Kate Winkler Dawson, and William Wheeler

In this episode, meet Steve Inskeep, author of Imperfect Union, Kate Winkler Dawson, author of American Sherlock, and William Wheeler, author of State of War. Go behind the mic with these experienced documentarians and hear what it was like to record their audiobooks. Plus, find out who has learned a lot about story structure from listening to children’s audiobooks in the car.

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Listen to clips from their audiobooks:

With rare detail and in consummate style, NPR’s Morning Edition cohost Steve Inskeep narrates his riveting audiobook about John and Jessie FrĂ©mont, the husband and wife team who in the 1800s were instrumental in the westward expansion of the United States, and became America’s first celebrity power couple.

From the acclaimed author of Death in the Air comes the riveting story of the birth of criminal investigation in the twentieth century.

Based on years of research and thousands of never-before-published primary source materials, American Sherlock captures the life of Edward Oscar Heinrich, the man who pioneered the science our legal system now relies upon—and explores the limits of those techniques and the very human experts who wield them.

Foreign correspondent William Wheeler tracks MS-13 from L.A., where he meets the founders of the gang, to El Salvador, where three generations of Salvadorans have been drawn into an escalating cycle of conflict. State of War tells the tragic story of a brutal civil war that has never ended.

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