This Is the Author S6 E43 Images of Steven Rowley, Amit Majmudar, A.S. King
On the Podcast: Steven Rowley, Amit Majmudar, and A.S. King

In this episode, meet Steven Rowley, author of The Guncle, poet Amit Majmudar, author of What He Did in Solitary, and A.S. King, author of Switch. Listen in to learn what it was like for these authors to bring the characters and rhythms of their books to life, and how “the voices in their heads” translated into their narrative styles. Plus, behind-the-scenes insights, delightful mispronunciations, and from-the-heart audiobook recommendations.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

From the bestselling author of The Editor comes a warm and deeply funny novel about a once-famous gay sitcom star whose unexpected family tragedy leaves him with his niece and nephew for the summer. Full of humor and heart, The Guncle is a moving tribute to the power of love, patience, and family in even the most trying of times.

In What He Did in Solitary, prize-winning poet Amit Majmudar reflects on what sustains us in a sundered world. Equally engaged with human history and the human heart, Majmudar transfigures identity from a locus of captivity to the open field of his liberation.

Author: A.S. King
Read By: A.S. King

From the Printz Award-winning author of Dig, Switch is a surreal YA novel about the effects of isolation. When time stops, frantic adults demand teenagers focus on finding practical solutions to the worldwide crisis; meanwhile, Truda lives in a house with a switch that no one will ever touch…unless she does.

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