S6 E11 Tessa Miller, Jason Brown, Suleika Jaouad
On the Podcast: Tessa Miller, Jason Brown, and Suleika Jaouad

In this episode, meet science writer Tessa Miller, author of What Doesn’t Kill You, former NFL center Jason Brown, author of Centered, and Emmy Award-winning writer Suleika Jaouad, author of Between Two Kingdoms. Whether it’s living with chronic illness, finding a spiritual center, or navigating the rocky terrain between “sickness” and “health,” each of these authors has written a memoir about moving through tough places. Go behind the mic to hear what it was like for them to read their audiobooks, and what surprised them most about the recording process.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

Author: Tessa Miller
Read By: Tessa Miller

What Doesn’t Kill You is a riveting and candid account of a young journalist’s awakening to a life of chronic illness, weaving together Miller’s personal story with reporting to shed light on how Americans live with long-term diagnoses today.

Author: Jason Brown and Paul Asay
Read By: Jason Brown

Leaving behind a successful football career that paid millions, NFL center Jason Brown walked away from it all and turned towards a life he knew nothing about: farming. It was only the beginning of his journey. Centered is an inspiring riches-to-rags-to-true-riches story of one man willing to risk it all for the sake of his family.

In the summer after graduating from college, Suleika Jaouad was preparing to enter “the real world.” The real world she found, however, was not at all what she had planned for. Between Two Kingdoms is a searing, deeply moving memoir of illness and recovery that traces one young woman’s journey from diagnosis to remission and, ultimately, a road trip of healing and self-discovery.

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