S6 E7 Todd Buchholz, Laura Meier, James Rickards
On the Podcast: Todd Buchholz, Laura Meier, and James Rickards

In this episode, meet economist Todd Buchholz, author of New Ideas From Dead Economists, estate planning attorney Laura Meier, author of The Family Nest Egg, and bestselling author James Rickards, author of The New Great Depression. In each of these authors’ audiobooks they share their extensive knowledge about the economy and personal finances to guide listeners through sometimes daunting and complex systems. Now, go with these authors into the studio and hear what their experiences behind the mic was like.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

New Ideas From Dead Economists is an entertaining and accessible introduction to the great economic thinkers throughout history shows how their ideas still apply to our modern world. In this revised edition, renowned economist Todd Buchholz offers an insightful and informed perspective on key economic issues in the new millennium: increasing demand for energy, the rise of China, international trade, aging populations, health care, and the effects of global warming.

Author: Laura Meier
Read By: Laura Meier

In The Family Nest Egg, estate planning attorney and mother Laura Meier provides a breakthrough program of inspiring real-life stories and time-tested legal, financial, and practical tips to move our families from stress to success and security.

In The New Great Depression, James Rickards, New York Times bestselling author of Aftermath, pulls back the curtain to reveal the true risks to our financial system and what savvy investors can do to survive—even prosper—during a time of unrivaled turbulence.

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