On the Podcast: Tyler Reagin, David Weitzner, and Paul Smith
On the Podcast: Tyler Reagin, David Weitzner, and Paul Smith

In this episode, meet founder and CEO of The Life Giving Company Tyler Reagin, author of Leading Things You Didn’t Start, professor of management David Weitzner, author of Connected Capitalism, and business storytelling coach Paul Smith, author of The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell. Learn how these authors realized that they wanted to share stories that could help listeners navigate their own work lives, and what the audio recording studio was like.

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The reality is that most leaders are responsible for corporations, teams, and products they didn’t launch from the ground up. In Leading Things You Didn’t Start Tyler Reagin provides a faith-based four-step plan to help leaders who inherit the teams, places, or platforms that others created.

In Connected Capitalism, David Weitzner shows listeners how to draw from the classic teachings of Judaism in order to positively transform their workplaces and working lives. He outlines a philosophy that will empower the disenchanted to build a stable future in a world of crony capitalism, global pandemics, racial injustice, and social disconnect.

Author: Paul Smith
Read By: Paul Smith

As a manager, CEO, or team leader, how can you innovatively engage your employees so that they understand where your organization came from, where it’s going, and how you’re going to get there? The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell explores the journey behind success, and breaks down not just the importance of your company’s story but how to craft compelling ones of your own.

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