Warren Zanes, Jonathan B. Losos, Jancee Dunn
On the Podcast: Warren Zanes, Jonathan B. Losos, and Jancee Dunn

In this episode, meet author, musician, and professor Warren Zanes, author of Deliver Me from Nowhere, evolutionary biologist Jonathan B. Losos, author of The Cat’s Meow, and bestselling author and journalist Jancee Dunn, author of Hot and Bothered. What do Bruce Springsteen, cats, and perimenopause have in common? Tune in to find out.

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Author: Warren Zanes
Read By: Warren Zanes

Without Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen consists of a series of dark songs he had recorded by himself, for himself. More than forty years later, Nebraska is arguably Springsteen’s most important record—the lasting clue to understanding Springsteen as an artist and a man. In Deliver Me from Nowhere, Warren Zanes spoke to many people involved with making Nebraska, including Bruce Springsteen himself, resulting in a revelatory account of a crucial moment in the career of an icon.

The domestic cat has been transformed into one of the most successful and diverse species on the planet. In The Cat’s Meow, Jonathan Losos, writing as both a scientist and a cat lover, explores how researchers today are unraveling the secrets of the cat, past and present, using all the tools of modern technology.

Author: Jancee Dunn
Read By: Jancee Dunn

When Jancee Dunn hit her mid-forties, she was bombarded by seemingly random symptoms. After going to multiple doctors who ran test after fruitless test, she was surprised to finally discover the culprit: perimenopause. Hot and Bothered is the book Dunn wishes existed as she was scrambling for information: an empowering, research-based guide on how women can tackle this new stage of life. Through in-depth interviews with renowned menopause experts and trusted authorities, Dunn peels back the layers on this still-mystifying topic with her trademark humor and unpacks the science on both hormonal and nonhormonal treatments.

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