Our Chemical Hearts: A High School Romance Unlike Any Other

This is not your typical high school romance.

Debut author Krystal Sutherland’s OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS puts you into the shoes of Henry Page, a high school senior who has never been in love. He hopes that one day he will be, after watching his parent’s adorable love story play out in front of his eyes, but he’s never found that person that makes his life feel like he’s caught in a romantic movie. Instead, he’s hoping to become editor of his school newspaper and get into a good college. But when Grace Town walks into his class at the beginning of the school year, he knows things are about to change.

Grace isn’t at all what Henry pictured his epic true love would look like—she walks with a cane, she wears oversized boy’s clothing, and she’s fairly standoffish at their initial meetings. But as he gets to know her better, he’s drawn into her world, and everything that makes Grace Town who she is.

But as mentioned earlier, this isn’t your typical love story. As Henry and the listener discover, Grace isn’t there to be his love interest. She’s a real person, with real issues, some of which come to head by the end of the story. Getting an insider’s look at how Henry and Grace work through (or don’t work through) these problems is what makes this story so memorable.

Narrator Robbie Daymond takes the already relatable Henry and gives him even more humanity. The character’s quirks to references of current popular culture seem to come alive through Daymond’s narration, and he has you hanging onto his every word.

If you’re looking for a not-so-typical high school romance, or just a well told story about love, make sure to listen to OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS. This story has been called a mix of John Green and Rainbow Rowell, but Sutherland’s unique perspective gives this story a refreshing and haunting twist.

Listen to an excerpt from OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS read by Robbie Daymond: