Jill Santopolo
Author Jill Santopolo on Why Narrating an Audiobook is “More Than Words”

I try not to read customer reviews of my books—it was a suggestion a writer friend made to me years ago, and I mostly try to stick with it. But somehow, when I was searching for something else on Amazon, I ended up on the page of the audiobook of my first novel, The Light We Lost, which I also narrated. And before I could click away, my eye caught a review. It said: I loved the narration, which made me especially happy. I had been a little concerned about doing the reading, since I’m not a professional audiobook narrator or actress, and that reassurance that a listener enjoyed my audio interpretation meant a lot to me. READ MORE

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Lisa Damour, David Wallace Wells, Judith Grisel This Is the Author
S4 E10: Lisa Damour, David Wallace-Wells, and Judith Grisel

In this episode of This Is the Author, meet Dr. Lisa Damour, author of Under Pressure; David Wallace-Wells, author of The Uninhabitable Earth; and Judith Grisel, author of Never Enough. From brain science to earth science, the topics these authors’ audios address add much-needed conversation to understanding anxiety, addiction and climate change. Plus, hear why you may rethink how you talk to teenagers.

Learn more about their audiobooks:

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Current Events: Listens From the Headlines

With so many different news stories happening simultaneously, it’s no wonder that the biggest audiobooks as of late have been ripped straight from the headlines. Whether you’re looking for fiction inspired by true events or an investigative dive into a story that’s still unfolding, there’s an audiobook for whatever has piqued your interest. READ MORE

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Celebrate Black History Month with Audiobooks

How have you been teaching your young readers about Black History Month? Add another layer to their learning with audiobooks. We’ve curated a starter pack of stories by bestselling black authors, as well as a couple informative listens about pioneers in Black History. READ MORE

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Greg Howard The Whispers
The Whispers Author Greg Howard on the Magical Act of Listening to Audiobooks

I listen to audiobooks quite a bit—on the commute to and from work, on long weekend walks, while shopping and training at the gym, etc. And for me, a narrator can make or break the experience and determine whether or not I’m willing to commit several hours to the production. On the other hand, a great narrator can illuminate, even elevate the text, holding my attention for hours with no problem. READ MORE

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Grant Sabatier, Erwin Raphael McManus, Aaron Dignan This Is the Author
S4 E09: Grant Sabatier, Erwin Raphael McManus, and Aaron Dignan

In this episode of This Is the Author, Grant Sabatier, author of Financial Freedom; Erwin Raphael McManus, author of The Way of the Warrior; and Aaron Dignan, author Brave New Work. As you listen to each of these authors talk about their audiobooks, their messages of taking action will inspire you—whether at work, with your finances, or within yourself—to live a fuller life. And, find out which author said that narrating helps him become a better writer.

Learn more about their audiobooks:

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February 2019 Debuts
Explore the Complexities of Love for People and Places in These February Debuts

When we think of February, we think of hearts (instead of wintery, blustery weather!). Hearts can mean a lot of different things: love of a place, love of an activity, romantic love, familial love, friendship love, and, best of all, the love you have for yourself.

So, whatever type of love you’d like to immerse yourself in with your next audiobook, we have a fantastic selection for you from bright, new voices in literature. READ MORE

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