Strong Girls Advice
How To Become an Unstoppable Girl

Courage, resilience, emotional intelligence, and intellectual rigor: strong girls know that developing skills like these is a life-long learning process, and they are up to the challenge! READ MORE

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Go Back in Time with Historical Fiction Audiobooks

Everyone knows a good audiobook can take you places, but did you know they can also take you back in time? Jump in to one of these unforgettable stories from yesteryear and see what awaits, no flux capacitor required. READ MORE

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Q&A With Neil Hellegers, Narrator of Nightmareland

Neil Hellegers is no novice to the world of the “strange and unusual”, and he continues his tradition of narrating terrifically freaky audiobooks with Nightmareland: Travels at the Borders of Sleep, Dreams, and Wakefulness. We caught up with Neil to chat everything from sleep paralysis to his favorite forbidden narrator treat (hint: it’s a nougat-y candy that rhymes with “stickers”). READ MORE

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