Playlist Boosters: Iconic Musicians on Audio

Certain artists are once in a lifetime. When you listen to their books on audio, you’re invited to hear their personal and creative histories in their own voices. Put audiobooks on your playlist, and connect to the music like never before.

Author: Liz Phair
Read By: Liz Phair

Liz Phair shook things up with her musical debut, Exile in Guyville, making her as much a cultural figure as a feminist pioneer and rock star. Her deft storytelling inspired a legion of critics, songwriters, musicians, and fans alike. Now, like a Gen X Patti Smith, Liz Phair reflects on the path she has taken in these piercing essays that reveal the indelible memories that have stayed with her. The audiobook edition is read by the author, and includes musical interludes composed and performed by Liz Phair.

Author: Jeff Tweedy
Read By: Jeff Tweedy

Though Jeff Tweedy’s songs and music have been endlessly discussed and analyzed, Jeff has rarely talked so directly about himself, his life, and his artistic process…until now. Honest, funny, and disarming, Tweedy’s memoir will bring readers inside both his life and his musical process, illuminating his singular genius and sharing his story, voice, and perspective for the first time.

Author: Ani DiFranco
Read By: Ani DiFranco

In her new memoir that she narrates, Ani DiFranco recounts her early life from a place of hard-won wisdom, personal expression, the power of music, feminism, political activism, storytelling, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. Ani’s coming of age story is defined by her ethos of fierce independence. In this audiobook, as in life, she never hesitates to question established rules and expectations, maintaining a level of artistic integrity that has inspired and challenged more than a few.

Before Carrie Brownstein became a music and television icon, she was a girl growing up in the Pacific Northwest as it was becoming the setting for one of the most important movements in rock history. With her band Sleater-Kinney, Brownstein rose to prominence in the burgeoning underground feminist punk-rock movement that would define music and pop culture in the 1990s. With deft, lucid prose Brownstein proves herself as formidable as an audiobook narrator as on the stage.

Now a GRAMMY award nominee! Formed as a New York City hardcore band in 1981, Beastie Boys struck an unlikely path to global hip hop superstardom. Adam “ADROCK” Horovitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond offer revealing and very funny accounts of their transition from teenage punks to budding rappers. With a style as distinctive and eclectic as a Beastie Boys album, Beastie Boys Book upends the typical music memoir, featuring a collection of voices reminiscent of your favorite mixtape.

Prince was a musical genius, one of the most beloved, accomplished, and acclaimed musicians of our time. The Beautiful Ones is the story of how Prince became Prince. The audiobook is told in four parts. The first is the memoir Prince was writing before his tragic death. The second part takes us through Prince’s early years as a musician. The third section shows us Prince’s evolution, going up to the cusp of his greatest achievement, which we see in the audiobook’s fourth section: his original treatment for Purple Rain—the final stage in Prince’s self-creation, where he retells the autobiography of the first three parts as a heroic journey.