Put a Spring in Your Step with These Thrilling Listens.

There’s nothing that makes me want to be outside more than nice weather—and it’s here! Shed those heavy coats and head outside for a little fresh air. Over the winter I listened to two inspiring, thought-provoking audiobooks—Small Great Things, the most recent Jodi Picoult novel, and Pulitzer Prize–winning The Underground Railroad.  They made my runs feel like I was traveling through the stories along with the main characters. Small Great Things takes a close look at race and how it affects everyone, whether we know it or not, and The Underground Railroad is the incredible journey of a young slave that begins in Georgia and takes us through her various escapes and challenges on her quest for freedom. Both of these novels are extremely well written and well narrated and got me out and running in the not-so-nice winter weather.

But now that it’s spring, I’m looking for lighthearted listens that I can plug into while getting myself ready for bathing-suit season. I recently started listening to the newest John Sandford novel, Golden Prey, and I love the change of pace (literally) that this thrilling mystery provides. I’m racing down the streets while I listen to Lucas Davenport chase after cartel killers, as the novel spirals into a much bigger case than he was expecting. It’s definitely putting a little extra spring in my step, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to jump-start their running routine.

Here are few other fast-paced listens I recommend to get yourself into workout mode:

Into the Water

Paula Hawkins’s new novel is hot off the presses and has an exciting cast of narrators. Get ready for this thrilling listen—it’s sure to be as addictive and thrilling as The Girl on the Train was.

Listen to an excerpt INTO THE WATER

Gone Without a Trace

This psychological thriller about a boyfriend who’s disappeared is guaranteed to keep you racing along as you listen.

Listen to an excerpt GONE WITHOUT A TRACE

Beyond the Mountain

Want nonfiction that will motivate you to really push yourself? Steve House reads his own story about mountaineering and how you can make yourself the best you can be.

Listen to an excerpt BEYOND THE MOUNTAIN

For more great listens to plug into during your next run, visit tryaudiobooks.com/fitness.