Q&A With Soneela Nankani, Narrator of The Matchmaker’s List

The Matchmaker’s List has all the components of the perfect Valentine’s season love story: One devoted modern girl + a meddlesome, traditional grandmother = a heartwarming multicultural romantic comedy about finding love where you least expect it. Narrator Soneela Nankani, a classically trained actress who has narrated over 60 audiobooks, could not agree more. We caught up with Soneela to ask her all about her swoonworthy audiobook experiences.

Which book was your first book love and why?
I just love Isabel Allende’s The House of Spirits, which I read in a Latin American Literature class in high school. It’s a beautiful story that spans four generations of a Chilean family, the Truebas. Allenda uses magical realism to great effect to examine love in all of its forms (romantic, familial, patriotic, etc). Perfect for Valentine’s day!

Whose voice (audiobook narrator, singer, or other) makes you swoon?
I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz lately and I can’t get enough of the velvety tone of Nat King Cole, the sensuous spirit of Cassandra Wilson and the silky stylings of Harry Connick, Jr.

What elements of The Matchmaker’s List did you especially love voicing?
I especially loved voicing Nani (Raina’s grandmother), who’s described as sweet, vivacious and slightly insane. She reminds me a lot of my own Nani! She just wants the best for Raina and will do whatever she can to help her find happiness, even sign her up for dating websites behind her back!

What’s your favorite romantic or heart-happy movie?
I just love the movie Moonstruck! It’s so quirky, fun and unexpected. I’m a sucker for non-traditional romances. Cannolis and opera, what more could you ask for?

What is your comfort food when you have a broken heart?
I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, I’d much rather dig into something salty when I need a pick me up. Salt and vinegar chips will do it every time!

Listen to a clip of Soneela Nankani narrating The Matchmaker’s List!