Author Sarah Jio
Q&A with Sarah Jio, author of All the Flowers in Paris

All the Flowers in Paris blooms beautifully to life on audio thanks to the storytelling skill of bestselling author Sarah Jio, and four phenomenal narrators. We are thrilled to welcome Jio to the blog to hear more about her latest listen, why she loves her full cast recording, and what sounds of summer and childhood books make her feel the most nostalgic. Book clubs and historical fiction fans take note—you don’t want to miss this exquisite audiobook read by Kim Bubbs, Saskia Maarleveld, Mark Deakins, & Cassandra Morris. But first, take time to stop and meet Sarah Jio…

Tell us a little bit about All the Flowers in Paris.
This is my tenth novel, set in Paris in two time periods (modern day and the 1940s when the city was in the horrible throws of occupation). In the fashion of some of my previous novels, I follow two dynamic female characters in alternating past-and-present chapters, each dealing with specific challenges and trauma, and each connected in ways they could never imagine.

Is there a character from this book that you miss writing or would like to spend more time with, and why?
Oh yes! As funny as it may sound, I develop special connections with the characters in my novels and often think of them long after the books are finished. I suppose with this novel, I miss Cosi most.

Your audiobook is a multi-cast recording! What was it like to hear each of these four narrators bring your characters to life?
Truly epic. I was involved in the casting and loved to consider just what my characters would sound like. It’s funny, but when I heard THE voice for each character, I knew. I remember getting the chills when I heard the voice for Cosi that I ultimately chose—[Cassandra Morris] was just perfect and exactly as I had imagined.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
Always! I swear, I came out of the womb knowing I would be a writer. I have known nothing else. I am very grateful and blessed for this, as I know that people can spend their entire lives working in jobs that they dread. On the other hand, my career is my true passion. I always say that not everything in my life has gone according to plan, but I am eternally grateful for my writing career.

What sound of summer makes you feel the most nostalgic?
Oooh, what a great question! One of my very favorite sounds of summer is one that is deeply symbolic in All the Flowers in Paris: wind rustling through palm fronds. I’m actually spending the week in Mexico as I write this and am listening to the sound right this moment. There is something so magical about a warm breeze dancing through palms. I will forever be smitten with it!

What was your favorite book or audiobook as a child?
I read so many physical books as a child, but on family trips, my parents often popped in audiobooks for us (I was the oldest of four). I have fond memories of driving from the West Coast to Yellowstone listening to the classics—hello Tom Sawyer!

Listen to a clip:

“Heart-stopping…Fans of emotional, romantic stories set during World War II will enjoy this heartbreaking tale of love and loss.”—Booklist