Listens for NaNoWriMo
Ready, Listen, Write! Audiobooks for NaNoWriMo Inspiration

Oh, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) participants, you ambitious and talented lot of all ages! 30 days seems like a long time, but when you’re trying to develop characters and flesh out a compelling plot, calendar days fly by in a blink.

Seek out some wisdom and encouragement from seasoned pros who have experienced the highs and lows of writing—these audiobooks about the craft will have you on the perfect sentence path in no time. We can’t wait to watch you win!

The traditional writing workshop was established with white male writers in mind; what we call craft is informed by their cultural values. In Craft in the Real World, a bold and original examination of elements of writing, Matthew Salesses upends Western notions of how a story must progress and investigates how we can rethink craft, and the teaching of it, to invite diverse storytelling traditions into literary spaces.

Author: Julia Cameron
Read By: Eliza Foss

The Artist’s Way is the seminal book on the subject of creativity. Still as vital today—or perhaps even more so—than it was when it was first published one decade ago, it is a powerfully provocative and inspiring work. The updated and expanded audio edition, reframes Julia Cameron’s pivotal book for a new century.

For many writers, the biggest challenge is figuring out how to take that earliest glimmer of inspiration and shape it into a full-length novel. Mastering the Process gives writers practical, prescriptive, and achievable tools for creating a novel, editing a novel, and problem solving when in the midst of a novel, from master storyteller Elizabeth George.

For the last twenty years, George Saunders has been teaching a class on the Russian short story to his MFA students at Syracuse University. In A Swim in a Pond in the Rain, he shares a version of that class with us, as well as deep exploration of how the reading and writing of stories make genuine connection possible.

Author: Dani Shapiro
Read By: Dani Shapiro

From author and narrator Dani Shapiro comes a witty, heartfelt, and practical look at the exhilarating and challenging process of storytelling. At once a memoir, a meditation on the artistic process, and advice on craft, Still Writing is an intimate companion to living a creative life.

Narrated in a fun, refreshingly kid-friendly voice Brave the Page champions NaNoWriMo’s central mission that everyone’s stories deserve to be told. This volume includes chapters on character, plot, setting, and the like, motivating essays from popular authors, and advice on how to commit to your goals.

In Save the Cat! Writes a Novel novelist and  narrator Jessica Brody presents a comprehensive story-structure guide for novelists that applies the famed Save the Cat! screenwriting methodology to the world of novel writing.

Improv instructor, narrator, and writer Jorjeana Marie presents Improv for Writers: the first book to harness the creative power of improvisation exercises to help both aspiring and seasoned authors defeat writer’s block and generate new ideas.

Author: Jeff Tweedy
Read By: Jeff Tweedy

Apply Jeff Tweedy’s song writing method and prowess to your new novel! How to Write One Song brings readers into the intimate process of writing one song—lyrics, music, and putting it all together—and accesses the deep sense of wonder that remains at the heart of this curious, yet incredibly fulfilling, artistic act.

Wendelin Van Draanen didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer, but thirty books later, she’s convinced that writing saved her life. Wendelin shares what she’s learned in Hope in the Mail: how to create characters and plot a story that’s exciting to read. But maybe even more helpful is the insight she provides into the persistence, and perseverance, it takes to live a productive, creative life.

Author: Joe Moran
Read By: John Lee

The sentence is the common ground where every writer walks. A good sentence can be written by anyone if we simply give it the gift of our time. Using minimal technical terms and sources ranging from the Bible and Shakespeare to George Orwell and Maggie Nelson, as well as scientific studies of what can best fire the reader’s mind, author Joe Moran shows how we can all write in a way that is clear, compelling and alive in First You Write a Sentence.

Story coach Lisa Cron has spent her career coming up with alternative methods for writing, based on the science behind what our brains are wired to crave in every story we read. In Story Genius, Cron takes you step-by-step, through the creation of a novel from the first glimmer of an idea, to a complete multilayered blueprint that evolves into a first draft with the authority, richness, and command of a riveting sixth or seventh draft.

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