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Recipes Straight From Your Garden

Whether you have a vegetable, flower, or windowsill herb garden, there are tons of fun and inventive ways in which you can use the fruits of your labor. We have two appetizing projects for you from the gorgeous book Harvest, by Stefani Bittner and Alethea Harampolis. We’ve even paired an audiobook for you to listen to while you work.


cover_9780525531142The Food Explorer is the true story of David Fairchild, a young botanist who set out in search of foods that would enrich the American farmer and enchant the American eater. Despite various tribulations along the way, his culinary ambition transformed America from a blank agricultural canvas to the most diverse food system ever created.

Pair this delectable exploration with a one-of-a-kind Blooming Butter, using edible flowers and herbs from your garden.


cover_9780525527169Being the lone survivor of a car accident that killed her parents and brother, Lily Decker’s only solace is dancing. After she attends a dance academy, Lily heads to Las Vegas to be a troupe dancer, but winds up becoming a showgirl by the name of Ruby Wilde. All the Beautiful Girls captures both the iconic extravagance of an era and the bravery of a young woman who dances through her sadness to find connection, freedom, and, most important, herself.

Why not have a cocktail as you listen to this fizzy Vegas novel? Try your hand at making your own Marigold Bitters. From rose petals to thyme to marigolds, the plants from your garden that you can use for this recipe are boundless.


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