S4 E28: Jordan Lee Dooley, Shannon Bream, and Linda Lancaster

In this episode of This Is the Author, meet Jordan Lee Dooley, author of Own Your Everyday; Shannon Bream, author of Finding the Bright Side; and Dr. Linda Lancaster, author of Harmonic Healing. These authors aim to help listeners find their purpose and live their best lives by sharing insights, teaching hard-earned lessons, and providing inspiration and encouragement. And, find out which author would cast fellow Southerner Reese Witherspoon as her audiobook narrator.

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Widely recognized for her tagline “Your Brokenness is Welcome Here,” Jordan has become a go-to source that women around the world look to for daily inspiration to find their purpose in life. Now, she is helping you–and them–discover how to chase after something more while also finding contentment where you are, with what you have.

“Authentic, intuitive, and compassionate, Jordan clears the clutter from our minds and hearts while enthusiastically guiding us to discover our own authentic purpose.” ——Jessica Honegger, author, founder and co-CEO of Noonday Collection

From the host of Fox News @ Night, a deeply personal book about finding purpose and growth amid life’s unpredictability.

“It’s hard to imagine a person who’s simultaneously wholesome and sophisticated, yet somehow Shannon Bream is both. Her life makes for a great story, not to mention a lesson for the rest of us.” —Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight and bestselling author of Ship of Fools

In this six-week foundational program, you will learn how to cleanse your liver, neutralize environmental pollution, revitalize your energy and return to a balanced state of health, using solely nontoxic, inexpensive, and natural protocols. With nourishing recipes, therapeutic baths, and gentle homeopathic and household remedies, Harmonic Healing helps clear the path for your journey back to health and well-being.

Harmonic Healing provides a simple yet effective path to natural healing, restorative energy and better health.” —Robert Redford, award-winning actor, director, and producer

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