Robert Knott, Eric Liu, Jill Lepore
S4 E32: Robert Knott, Eric Liu, and Jill Lepore

In this episode of This Is the Author, meet Robert Knott, author of Robert B. Parker’s Buckskin; Eric Liu, author of Become America; and Jill Lepore, author of This America. From a beloved and uniquely American genre of fiction to meditations about our country today, the United States of America plays a big role in what inspired each of these authors’ audiobooks. Plus, find out which author has been told he sounds just like actor Rob Lowe.

Learn more about their audiobooks:

Author: Robert Knott
Read By: Robert Knott

Lawmen Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch must prevent all-out war between rival factions in the latest adventure in the New York Times-bestselling series.

“Knott ups his game with every entry he contributes to the Cole-Hitch series. The dialogue is sharper, the plotting more complex, and Knott is mastering Parker’s spare style. Very entertaining reading for western fans.” —Booklist

Author: Eric Liu
Read By: Eric Liu

What does it mean to be an engaged American in today’s divided political landscape, and how do we restore hope in our country? In a collection of “civic sermons” delivered at gatherings around the nation, popular advocate for active citizenship Eric Liu takes on these thorny questions and provides inspiration and solace in a time of anger, fear, and dismay over the state of the Union.

“Eric Liu has a rare gift for decoding the texts and subtexts of our politics and history. Become America is a wise, deep, and beautifully written look at the American civic soul.” —Henry Louis Gates Jr., Harvard professor and host of Finding Your Roots on PBS

Author: Jill Lepore
Read By: Jill Lepore

At a time of much despair over the future of liberal democracy, Harvard historian Jill Lepore makes a stirring case for the nation. A trenchant work of political philosophy as well as a reclamation of America’s national history, This America asks us to look our nation’s sovereign past square in the eye to reveal not only a history of contradictions, but a path of promise for the future.

“Ambitious….a thoughtful and passionate defense of her vision of American patriotism.” —Michael Lind, New York Times

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