S4 E55: Sarah Hurwitz, David Platt, and Melissa D’Arabian
S4 E55: Sarah Hurwitz, David Platt, and Melissa D’Arabian

In this episode, meet renowned speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz, pastor David Platt, and television host and cook Melissa D’Arabian. Go behind the mic with these authors as they share what inspired their often unexpected—and revelatory—spiritual journeys.

Plus, discover the word one seasoned pro has been mispronouncing—albeit with considerable flair—for years.

Listen to clips from their audiobooks:

After a decade as a political speechwriter—serving as head speechwriter for First Lady Michelle Obama, a senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama, and chief speechwriter for Hillary Clinton on her 2008 presidential campaign—Sarah Hurwitz decided to apply her skills as a communicator to writing a book…about Judaism. And no one is more surprised than she is. In this entertaining and accessible audiobook, she shows us why Judaism matters and how its message is more relevant than ever, and she inspires Jews to do the learning, questioning, and debating required to make this religion their own.

Author: David Platt
Read By: David Platt

The New York Times best-selling author of Radical takes listeners on a soul-searching journey through impoverished villages in the Himalayan mountains, daring them to make a difference in a world of urgent need, starting right where they live. Platt has crafted an irresistible message about what it means to give your life for the gospel—to finally stop talking about faith and truly start living it.

In Tasting Grace, Melissa shares sixteen invitations that will transform your perception of food and the role it plays in your own life, from equality to connection to hospitality to stewardship and more. She explains how through her experiences, she learned to trust the ingredients—in recipes and in life—and join God in the act of creation.

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