S4 E58_Jim Williams_Robert Pondiscio_Rhonda V. Magee
S4 E57: Jim Williams, Robert Pondiscio, and Rhonda V. Magee

In this episode, meet wildlife biologist Jim Williams, author of Path of the Puma, teacher and journalist Robert Pondiscio, author of How The Other Half Learns, and law professor Rhonda Magee, author of The Inner Work of Racial Justice.

What big cats can teach us about the environment. The lessons learned from years of teaching at a public school. The ways mindfulness in law school classrooms helps students talk about race. These are the passions of the authors, who are applying their professional experiences to further conversations around timely issues. Plus, find out which of these authors wore a very special good luck T-shirt into the recording booth.

Listen to clips from their audiobooks:

What makes this cat, the fourth carnivore in the food chain—just ahead of humans—so resilient and resourceful? And what can conservationists and wild life managers learn from them about the web of biodiversity that is in desperate need of protection?

In How the Other Half Learns, teacher and education journalist Robert Pondiscio focuses on Success Academy, the network of controversial charter schools in New York City founded by Eva Moskowitz. An inside look at America’s most controversial charter schools, and the moral and political questions around public education and school choice.

Law professor and mindfulness practitioner Rhonda Magee shows that the work of racial justice begins with ourselves. Incorporating mindfulness exercises, research, and Magee’s hard-won insights, The Inner Work of Racial Justice offers a road map to a more peaceful world.

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