S4 E62: Rachel Maddow, Deepak Chopra, and Ali Wong
S4 E62: Rachel Maddow, Deepak Chopra, and Ali Wong

In this episode, meet Rachel Maddow, author of Blowout, Deepak Chopra, author of Metahuman, and Ali Wong, author of Dear Girls. These authors may all be household names, but listening to them talk about their recording experiences feels like meeting them for the first time. Learn more about what inspired each of their books. Plus, find out why narrating an audiobook is like a trip to the gym.

Listen to clips from their audiobooks:

A #1 New York Times Bestseller. Blowout is a call to contain the lion: to stop subsidizing the wealthiest businesses on earth, to fight for transparency, and to check the influence of the world’s most destructive industry and its enablers. The stakes have never been higher. As Maddow writes, “Democracy either wins this one or disappears.”

Is it possible to venture beyond daily living and experience heightened states of awareness? In his latest audiobook, Deepak Chopra explains how higher consciousness is available here and now.

Author: Ali Wong
Read By: Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta

New York Times Bestseller. Ali Wong’s heartfelt and hilarious letters to her daughters cover everything they need to know in life, like the unpleasant details of dating, how to be a working mom in a male-dominated profession, and how she trapped their dad.

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