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On the Podcast: Wayne Baker, Robin Dreeke, and Rick Wilson

In this episode, meet Wayne Baker, author of All You Have to Do Is Ask, Robin Dreeke, author of Sizing People Up, and Rick Wilson, author of Running Against the Devil. Go behind the mic with these experts in human behavior and hear what it was like to record their audiobooks. Plus, find out who listens to audiobooks while riding a tractor!

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Author: Wayne Baker
Read By: Jason Culp and Wayne Baker

In this audiobook Wayne Baker shares a set of strategies—used at companies like Google, GM, and IDEO—that individuals, teams, and leaders can use to make asking for help a personal and organizational habit. Picking up where bestsellers like Give and Take left off, All You Have to Do Is Ask shows us how to ignite the cycle of giving and receiving by asking for the things we need.

After two decades as a behavior analyst in the FBI, Robin Dreeke knows a thing or two about sizing people up. Using this audiobook as their manual, listeners will be able to quickly and easily determine who they can trust and who they can’t; who is likely to deliver on promises and who will disappoint; and when a person is vested in your success vs when they are actively plotting your demise. With this knowledge they can confidently embark on anything from a business venture to a romantic relationship to a covert operation without the stress of the unknown.

Author: Rick Wilson
Read By: Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson—longtime Republican strategist and bestselling author of Everything Trump Touches Dies—is back with a guide for beating Trump’s tricks, traps, and tweets in 2020. Running Against the Devil is sharply funny, brutally honest, and infused with Wilson’s biting commentary. It’s a vital indictment of Trump, a no-nonsense, no-holds-barred road map to saving America, and the guide to making Donald Trump a one-term president.

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