Salt & Soundwaves: 5 Audiobooks for Beach Season

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been fleeing to the beach since mid-May, long before it was warm enough for bathing suits. As we sweep into July, we can declare it officially beach season: no longer will you be shivering under your towel to sit by the ocean! The UV and the ice cream trucks are out in full force! We have 5 listens you’ll love to sunbathe with no matter what “beach read” means to you (we see you, medieval fiction readers):

For the chuckle chasers. Georgina Wagman has it all…until she walks in on her husband in a compromising position with a junior associate. But divorce is not a part of the five-year plan, so she comes up with an idea to save her marriage and recapture the spark. She and Nathan are going to become swingers. The Lifestyle is a playful homage to Jane Austen’s Emma Woodhouse and an outrageously fun summer listen.

For the hopeful romantics. Florence Day is a romance ghostwriter, and she has a problem—after a breakup, she no longer believes in love. When her too-handsome editor won’t give her an extension on her deadline and she has to make an emergency return to her hometown, Florence prepares to kiss her career goodbye. Then she finds a surprising ghost standing in the funeral parlor. In The Dead Romantics, romance is dead…but so is her editor, and his unfinished business will have her second-guessing everything she’s ever known about love stories.

For the thrill-seekers. A wellness retreat has opened on an island off the English coast, but the island itself, known locally as Reaper’s Rock, has a dark past. Once the playground of a serial killer, it’s rumored to be cursed. In The Retreat, a young woman is found dead in what seems to be a tragic fall, and Detective Elin Warner soon learns the victim wasn’t a guest—she wasn’t meant to be on the island at all.

For the brainy beachers. One of life’s few consolations for the motherless Marek is his enduring bond with the blind village midwife, Ina. Ina’s gifts extend beyond childcare: she possesses a unique ability to communicate with the natural world. For some people, Ina’s home in the woods is a place to fear and to avoid, a godless place. Marek finds himself the unlikely pivot of a power struggle that puts all manner of faith to a savage test, in the spellbinding Lapvona.

For the family sleuth. When Ellie Adler’s beloved father suddenly dies, she finds herself devastated by the unexpected loss. Then she learns that instead of leaving her a baseball that holds emotional resonance for them both, he has left her a seemingly insulting gift. Worse, he’s given the baseball to someone no one has ever heard of. Setting out to track this person down, Ellie learns startling information about who her father really was and who she herself is becoming in The Catch.