Shakespeare in a birthday scene with headphones on
Shakespearean Stories for the Bard’s Birthday!

William Shakespeare was born in April of 1564 (on an undetermined day), and to celebrate his big 456th we put together a list of some of his finest works reimagined. From movies to sonnets to full retellings, the Bard’s influence is undeniable, and we have them all here on audio.

Jubilee works in her stepmom’s indie comic shop. Ridley’s parents own the biggest comic-store chain in the country, and Ridley can’t stop disappointing them. They meet one fateful night at a comic convention prom, and the two can’t help falling for each other. Too bad their parents despise each other, making a relationship between them nearly impossible…unless they can keep it secret.

In the iconic film, teenaged Marty McFly travels back in time from the 1980s to the 1950s, changing the path of his parents’ destiny…as well as his own. In Get Thee Back to the Future!,every scene and line of dialogue from the hit movie is re-created with authentic Shakespearean rhyme, meter, and stage directions. Hear Doc, Marty, and all their companions come to life 16th century-style in this incredible audiobook production performed by a full cast.

Power struggles. Bitter rivalries. Jealousy. Betrayals. Star-crossed lovers. When you consider all these plot points, it’s pretty surprising William Shakespeare didn’t write Mean Girls. But now fans can treat themselves to the epic drama—and heroic hilarity—of the classic teen comedy rendered with the wit, flair, and iambic pentameter of the Bard, performed by a full cast.

Author: Jo Nesbo
Read By: Euan Morton

Set in the 1970s in a run-down industrial town, Jo Nesbo’s Macbeth centers around a police force struggling to shed an incessant drug problem. Duncan, chief of police, is idealistic and visionary. One of the rampant drug lords is a master of manipulation named Hecate, who goes after Inspector Macbeth: the head of SWAT and a man already susceptible to violent and paranoid tendencies.

Author: Anne Tyler
Read By: Kirsten Potter

Kate Battista feels stuck in her life. She’s a preschool teacher who is adored by her students, but not their parents; her younger sister is busy running around with guys far too old for her; and her eccentric scientist father would probably forget his own head if it weren’t attached to his body. After years of running her family’s household, Kate is looking for a way to escape.

James Anthony has long enjoyed poetry with its beat, rhythm, and rhyming patterns. One day, he rewrote Sonnet 18—Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day—line-by-line, in the strict five-beat iambic pentameter and rhyming patterns of the original, but in a contemporary language. And so, James embarked on a project to rewrite all 154 of the Bard’s eternal verses. This collection of reinterpretations demystifies and breathes new life into Shakespeare’s work.