Lunch Lady Series: The First Helping and The Second Helping
Sloppy Joes & Justice: Hear The Lunch Lady Series on Audio

The lunch lady serves you yummy food to keep your energy up at school, but that’s not all that she does! In New York Times bestselling author Jarrett J. Krosoczka’s Lunch Lady series, she also serves up justice by fighting scary cyborgs who insist on ruining the day and swamp creatures that haunt your summer camp at night. Read by actor Kate Flannery (who played Meredith on The Office) along with author Jarrett Krosoczka and a full cast, listeners are in for a serious lunch-time (or anytime) treat.

“Working on these books was so fun! I loved working so closely with Jarrett, [and he] was involved every step of the way…. And our cast! Kate Flannery was a ball in the recording session, and I know she and Jarrett even got to meet…Most of the actors got to play multiple characters throughout the programs, and I was always encouraging them to make bigger, bolder, funnier choices. We’d try a few takes until one of them made us laugh, and then I knew we had it.” – Nick Martorelli, Executive Producer of the Lunch Lady audiobooks

Hector, Terrence, and Dee’s curiosity get the better of them as they wonder, what does their lunch lady do when she isn’t dishing out the daily special? Little do they know; Lunch Lady doesn’t just serve sloppy joes—she also fights crime! Read by The Office alum Kate Flannery and a full cast, listen to colorful characters come alive in these two exciting adventures packed into one audiobook!

The Lunch Lady and friends are back in The Second Helping (Lunch Lady Books 3 & 4)! Hector, Terrence, and Dee are headed to summer camp. What evils could befall them there? Of course,… there is the swamp monster. Stories say he haunts the camp at night. But that’s just a legend. Or is it? Join the Lunch Lady as she fights villains at school and camp in this action-packed audiobook!

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