AudioBOOks: Halloween Listens to Give the Whole Family the Creeps

We have been counting down the days to October ever since September began (sorry September, you’re nice too!). The month of ghouls and goblins is a Penguin Random House Audio favorite, and we couldn’t wait one more second to share the first of many listening suggestions that will be coming at you all Hallow-season long.

Get the whole franken-family in on the audio goodness with chilling stories featuring haunted library books, undead girlfriends, and several creepy, creepy clowns. Press play if you dare…there’s no turning back once you’re hooked into these horrors.

Rebecca Strand was just sixteen when she and her father fell to their deaths from the top of the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse in 1839. Just how they fell—or were they pushed?—remains a mystery. Now, Gabe’s summer job scaring tourists with ghost stories takes a terrifying turn when he accidentally summons the spirit of Rebecca…and she has demands.

Author: Dan Poblocki
Read By: Keylor Leigh

Amelia is cleaning out her grandmother’s attic when she stumbles across a book: Tales to Keep You Up at Night. But when she goes to the library to return it, she’s told that the book never belonged there. She starts reading, but soon elements from the stories begin to come to life around her, and Amelia begins to realize that she may be in a scary story of her own…

Parker Nelson can’t wait for summer camp. She’ll have fun and make amazing memories, far away from the bullies who made seventh grade unbearable…but Parker is in for another nightmare instead. Don’t forget your flashlight at Camp Scare, from the incomparable Delilah S. Dawson

Author: Tanya Byrne
Read By: Aysha Kala

When Ashana Persaud meets Poppy Morgan on a school trip, she’s sure it’s too good to be true. The two can see a future together—one that’s snatched from them when a hit-and-run takes Ash’s life. In Afterlove, Ash becomes a grim reaper, and must figure out what the future holds—especially when it comes to Poppy.

Eulalie Island should be a paradise, but to Addie Spencer, it’s more like a prison. After Addie meets an enigmatic boy on the beach, all the flowers start turning pink. The island loves you, he tells her. When Addie learns about two sisters who died on the island centuries ago, she wonders if there’s more to this place, things only she can see. Beneath its gorgeous surface, Eulalie Island is hiding dark, tangled secrets. And if Addie doesn’t unravel them soon, the island might never let her go.

Nathan used to be terrified of Krazyland when he was a young kid. Now that he’s 12, the spooky-themed arcade games aren’t that bad. But things become scarier again when kids start to go missing from the entertainment park…and if he isn’t careful, Nathan is going to be the next one sucked under!

Annabella Ballinkay has never been normal, even by her psychic family’s standards. The Ballinkays run the Ravenfall Inn, a magical B&B at the crossroads of the human world and the Otherworld. When fourteen-year-old Colin Pierce arrives searching for his older brother and the supernatural creature who killed their parents, Anna jumps at the chance to help. But the mysteries tied to Colin go much deeper than either of them expects…

It’s been three months since Ollie made a daring deal with the smiling man to save those she loved, and then vanished without a trace. But finally, a clue surfaces. A boy who went missing at a nearby traveling carnival appears at the town swimming hole, terrified and rambling. He tells anyone who’ll listen about the mysterious man who took him. How the man agreed to let him go on one condition: that he deliver a message. Play if you dare.

With an extraordinary gift for suspense, Patricia McKissack brings us ten original, spine-tingling tales inspired by African American history, supernatural tales from the American south, and the mystery of that eerie half hour before nightfall—the dark-thirty.