Spring Solstice
Spring’s Freshest Listens for Your Zodiac Sign

Spring invokes all kinds of lovely mental images: tulips sprouting from the ground, parkas being tucked away for another 6 months, and baby bunnies taking their first hops (I’ve never actually come across a baby bunny in the spring but in my mind’s eye it’s very sweet).

On March 20th, spring is ushered in by the Vernal Equinox, bringing with it more daylight and a desire to dust away the hangings on of winter, literally and metaphorically. For extra inspiration while you clear out the cobwebs from your space and your brain, press play on a brand new audiobook selected especially for your zodiac sign. The stars (and our narrators) will take it from there.


We are steadily approaching Aries season! So close we can smell the birthday cake! To celebrate, perhaps consider (safely) gathering: show your friends how much they mean to you, and how much you need them. A getaway in a tree house? A themed dinner at home? It’ll make your friends feel warm, fuzzy, and reassured that they’re crucial to your world.

You should listen to: Home Cooking by Laurie Colwin


There’s just something about spring that gives you the shoppies, huh? There’s no harm in treats! But make it a really good one (dare we suggest an audiobook?). If it’s something–or a story– that could feed the soul as well as meet your online shopping quota, even better. Think new plates for dinner parties, a membership to a museum, or the hottest new release.

You should listen to: When We Were Birds by Ayanna Lloyd Banwo


Take a peek over your right shoulder, Gem. Do you see that opportunity? It may be a new job, a new friend, a new hobby, a new romance–whatever it is, it is exciting! Does it feel like a new leaf, a fresh piece of notebook paper, the next chapter? That’s because it is! Revel revel revel in it.

You should listen to: The Unsinkable Greta James by Jennifer E. Smith


Oh, you big softie. You’re having some downright mushy feelings this month. Good thing it’s about to be national poetry month, because you’re like two steps away from writing sonnets about your crush. Lean in to love, and consider us keeping our claws crossed for you.

You should listen to:Feel Your Way Through by Kelsea Ballerini


In a weird turn of events, you’ve been really bottled up recently, kitty cat. It’s time to turn on the communication tap and share whatever it is you’ve been holding inside with at least one confidant. You’ll feel a weight lifted, and who knows what the outcome of sharing may be *eyes emoji*.

You should listen to: Everyday Sisu by Katja Pantzar


Go against your homebody instincts and get outside. You heard me, prepare to roll in fields of wildflowers! The world is thawing and so should you–-you’ll be shocked that the rumors about vitamin D are true. You’re about to feel a whole lot sunnier about things. And when a virgo feels sunny? Downright contagious.

You should listen to: Riverman by Ben McGrath


As the serial relationship savant of the zodiac, it’s always ripe time for a partnership for libras. But have you stopped to check in on #1, perhaps your most important partnership? That’s right, I’m talking about the one you have with yourself. Check your little scales and make sure everything is balanced in all the various collaborations in your life, and if things are out of whack, look inward to see how you can fix it.

You should listen to This Book is Not About Benedict Cumberbatch by Tabitha Carvan


I bet you didn’t think *you* were the sign the stars are giving the big spring cleaning to, did ya Scorp? Inside and out, baby! Take a vitamin, go on a stroll around the nearest park, and try not to start any fights with the people around you for fun. It’ll probably bug you, but you’ll feel so much better, and do better work in all areas of your life, too.

You should listen to: 52 Ways to Walk by Annabel Streets


Snap the heck out of it, pony pants. Spring is here, and it needs your signature sagittarian energy! Fight against the little part of you that’s nagging you to remain unseen: dress up, make wild things, and prepare to be perceived. It’ll be scary at first, but you’ll remember yourself and where you belong soon enough.

You should listen to: All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir


Feeling a little sleepy, sea goat? No kidding, you’ve been on the go non-stop. Time to pause for like, two seconds. Even a restorative hour would be good for you: buy a new plant, let the sun hit your face while you listen to a good book, treat yourself to a sense deprivation tank? I don’t know, seems like it could be cool. Do a little work to make your mind, bod, and space comfortable, and then yes, you can get back to work.

You should listen to: Below Zero by Ali Hazelwood


You’ve been extremely invested in the news and current events recently, and that’s a great thing. Take it to the next level and figure out how you can get more involved with the causes you care about. You have a powerful air about you this season–-when you talk, people listen. Take advantage of that.

You should listen to: Girls Who Green the World by Diana Kapp


How was your birthday, lil fella? Still recovering? You’ve been hermiting a bit: dry cleaning your party pants and trying to get back into a productivity groove. It’s gonna take a LOT of brain power to pull off all your schemes (because you certainly don’t have just one), but if anyone can make it happen this spring, it’s you. Preemptive congratulations!

You should listen to: A House Between Earth and the Moon by Rebecca Scherm