Staff Pick: Educated

Tara Westover’s exquisite coming-of-age memoir, Educated, was on many Anticipated Books for 2018 lists, ranging from Entertainment Weekly to Vogue to BBC Books. Once you plug into it and hear her amazing journey, you’ll see why people are buzzing about it.

Here’s what our staff members have to say about this engrossing memoir:

“This book is the unbelievable true story of a woman who left her survivalist family in Idaho and went on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University. The details of her upbringing are so harrowing and the writing so incredible, that it’s easy to forget that this is actually a memoir and not a novel. Hearing Julia Whelan bring Tara’s story to life makes the book even more captivating.”
‒Diane McKiernan, Executive Producer

“Listening to someone overcome adversity in the face of so much can be a treat. Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover is that. Learning about her family and their disdain towards modern conveniences and what Westover overcame even with her lack of education—her journey to obtaining her PhD is incredible. From its beautiful writing to the clear, concise narration by Julia Whelan, one might forget it’s a true story. But when one remembers that it’s all real, it makes the audio even more powerful.”
‒Brieana Garcia, Marketing Associate, Strategic Marketing

Educated is a blend of shock and familiarity: the shock from witnessing a radically different way of life and the familiarity that, despite those differences, shines through in Tara Westover’s journey of self-discovery and invention. What connects these two is Tara’s life-changing education, and, ultimately, this story is an ode to that education.”
‒Megan Mills, Assistant Editor

Educated is an absolutely immersive, completely fascinating memoir about a life that you could never imagine living. It’s incredible as you’re reading to continue reminding yourself that Tara Westover, the same girl living a brutal life in the book, is somehow also writing the beautiful, contemplative words as an adult.”
‒Nicole Morano, Publicity Manager

Educated is a testament to the adage “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Tara Westover’s memoir about growing up in Idaho in a family ruled by a survivalist, government-conspiracy-spouting father is riveting. Westover’s journey from uneducated girl to accomplished woman (complete with a PhD from Cambridge!) is jaw-dropping and inspiring. It’s an audiobook that you’ll want to talk about—and one that you won’t soon forget.”
‒Taraneh DJangi, Senior Manager, Creative Marketing


Author: Tara Westover
Read By: Julia Whelan

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