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Staff Picks: Audiobook Narrators That Deliver

Have you ever tried a new audiobook—maybe even one outside of your usual genre interests—based solely on who narrates it? You are not alone. In fact, many of the most seasoned listeners on our staff have go-to narrators in mind when looking for their next listen. Read on to get their picks—you may just find the voice of your next audiobook.

“I have many favorite audiobooks, but I will always hands down listen to any audiobook read by Adenrele Ojo. Her performance and delivery is always spectacular and she reads a wide range of stories, from children books, to adult titles, to nonfiction. I feel like I have developed a special relationship with her voice and would highly recommend anything that she narrates. My most recent favorite audiobook read by her is The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray. Her performance of Althea, the eldest sister, is so complex and captivating.”
Alexis Patterson, Strategic Events & Special Projects Manager, Audio

Author: Tara Westover
Read By: Julia Whelan

“A stand-out audio experience I had was listening Educated, and that’s all thanks to the fabulous Julia Whelan. I was so immersed in Julia’s reading of Tara Westover’s story that I forgot I wasn’t listening to a full cast reading the parts of Tara’s family—especially her brothers. I was just all in.”
Erin Murphy, Creative Marketing Assistant, Audio

“One of my absolutely favorite narrators is Fiona Hardingham. I enjoy listening to young adult books about bad-ass ladies, and her voice has this perfect quality that shows off how awesome these characters are. And apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so, as she narrates a lot of YA books starring these type of characters—which is perfect.”
Brieana Garcia, Marketing Associate, Audio

“The voice who could make reading the phone book out loud sound riveting is Steve West. I will listen to anything he narrates with his deep, nuanced, British-accented voice. The other narrator that instantly hooked me with the life and heart she can convey through her voice is January LaVoy. If you haven’t listened to her portrayal of Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web, get your tissue box ready.”
Tara DJangi, Associate Director, Audiobook Marketing

“Surely without a doubt, Catherine Steadman is the narrator I credit with introducing me to the fine world of audiobooks. Ever since I opened my ears to her gripping first thriller Something In The Water, I’ve been hooked. Oddly enough, she isn’t a traditional narrator but she does an incredible job of bringing her stories of salacious marital lies and dark suspense to life.”
Jasmin Ayala, Audio Production Assistant

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