Staff Picks Holiday Edition
Staff Picks: What PRHA is Gifting for the Holidays

We don’t know if all elves are audiobook aficionados, but the ones who work at Penguin Random House Audio certainly are! Get the scoop on what the most in-the-know folks are gifting this holiday season, and update that shopping list accordingly:

My brother is a big Will Smith fan, so it’s only natural that I gift him Will’s autobiography. He’ll love listening to Will’s charming storytelling as he sweeps through his bumbling teenage years–from getting in trouble with his parents and starting his music career–and becomes the charming and hilarious Will Smith that we know today: mega movie star, thrill-seeker, and family man!–Kistal Gordan, Marketing Associate

I’m gifting Easy Crafts for the Insane by Kelly Williams Brown to all my friends and family–it’s truly my favorite book of the year! As a former art major and someone who suffers from anxiety, it was such a treat to learn a few new crafting techniques while also learning how to accept my particular brand of mental illness. Kelly takes us through her darkest moments, but she does it with such grace, humor and authenticity. This book is a virtual hug and great reminder to be gentle and compassion with ourselves.–Alexis Patterson, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships & Special Projects

I’m giving my nephew the audiobook of Llama Llama Mess Mess Mess by Anna Dewdney! He just turned two, so playing with all of his toys and not cleaning them up is among his favorite things to do. I’m hoping this book will have him giggling and helping clean. Plus, who can resist the cuteness of Llama Llama?–Erin Murphy, Marketing Associate

This holiday season I will treat my little brother Giovanni with a classic: Kitchen Confidential by Chef Anthony Bourdain. My brother is simply crazy about cooking and I am sure he’ll enjoy this irreverent, shocking, and funny account of 25 years behind the kitchen door. Also, the audiobook version of this evergreen biography is made extra special by Bourdain’s unforgettable voice: it seems like he’s talking directly to you, as if he were a childhood friend who has lived a life full of adventures.–Gloria Tononi, Marketing Analytics Manager

I have three audiobooks that I’m gifting this year! Frequently Asked Questions About the Universe is for my brother: He and my nephew spend many nights looking through their telescope and send me pictures of the different things they see. It’s opened up a lot of questions for both of them about what’s in space and how it all works.

I’m gifting Areli Es Una Dreamer to my niece. Listening to more audiobooks in Spanish will help as she learns this new language, and also share stories of other kids who have had different life experiences than her.

Lastly, I’m gifting Several People are Typing to my friend. Early in our remote working world, he and I felt like we were living in Slack. I feel like he’d enjoy this entertaining listen about an employee whose consciousness was uploaded into the company’s Slack channel. It’s a quick, fun listen with a great cast of narrators. —Brisa Robinson, Senior Manager, Publicity

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