Staff Round-up Valentines Day 2020
Staff Round-up! Getting the One Who Got Away

Cupid’s arrows are nocked and ready to fire, which means it’s time to ask our colleagues saucy book questions like, “what’s your one that got away?” What’s the one book or audiobook you always meant to read or listen to—but then didn’t—and now, driven by a smoldering passion, must?

Like our audioteers below, we hope you find that whatever the state of your literary regrets, you can rekindle the fire with the audiobook edition. Don’t Darcy this one up! Make the grand gesture now and find the listen of your dreams.

Author: Emily Bronte
Read By: Donada Peters

“It’s a little ironic that someone who named their cat after a Bronte sister hasn’t actually read one of the most famous Bronte-penned books: Wuthering Heights. I’ve seen the movies and the TV miniseries (Tom Hardy as Heathcliff? Swoon.), but never read the book itself. Moody, gothic, ghosty, and doomed love. Sounds like I’ve found my perfect Valentine’s Day listen!”
—Tara Djangi, Associate Director, Audio Marketing

“I tried to read Little Women when I was nine years old but unfortunately I couldn’t get into it, despite self-identifying as a Jo. Man, my shoulders are so much lighter without this big shameful secret—now there’s room for a nice wrap sweater like in the movie.

That MOVIE!! I saw it with my mom over the holidays and Reader, we both cried like little babies. She told me that when she got her own copy of Little Women, as a 12-year-old with five brothers and no sisters, that she read it three times in one week. My mother is a woman of impeccable taste so this is it: this is the year I finally read Little Women. I’ll let Christina Ricci guide me through the audiobook.”
—Heather Job, Associate Publicist, Audio

“This is like the most difficult question EVER! I admit I have never read The Grapes of Wrath. Well…I have started, but the language was too sophisticated* for my level of English. I know it’s a shame! However I plan to listen to the audiobook a.s.a.p to understand better who you, the Americans, are!”
—Gloria Tononi, Marketing Analytics Manager, Audio

*Author’s note: Gloria is from Italy and speaks multiple languages, so she is more sophisticated than all of us rolled into a ball.

“My one that got away is Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino, which is deeply, deeply shameful for me as an extremely online person, a publishing person, and a dedicated follower of Jia’s work (and Twitter account). I’ll be diving back into the audiobook soon for sure; in addition to being an incredible writer, Jia is also a compelling narrator. Naturally.”
—Erin Murphy, Marketing Assistant, Audio