Staff Round-Up: Which Character is Invited to Your Summer Dinner Party?

Rolling into the season of rooftop hopping, park picnicking, and backyard barbecuing has us wondering about the big questions:

what’s the perfect amount of time to leave a burger on the grill? Which summer shandy goes best with a cheese board? And perhaps most importantly, which fictional characters should be invited to our summer dinner parties?

Luckily, the PRHA staff was ready with their guest lists. No RSVP required.

“I’d bring Matthew Clairmont from A Discovery of Witches (well, the All Souls trilogy) because he’s not only a cultured, well-spoken guy who’d bring an extremely nice bottle of wine, but he’d also have fantastic stories to share (case in point: he’s a scientist vampire who used to be friends with Christopher Marlowe).”
–Taraneh DJangi, Senior Manager, Creative Marketing

Author: Douglas Adams
Read By: Stephen Fry

“Ford Prefect from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”
–Aaron Blank, Executive Producer

“My old friend Anne Shirley would be great to have at a summer dinner party—she’s plucky with a big imagination, and a flair for the dramatic. Who better to tell after dinner stories? We’d have a whole bunch of delicious cakes…but skip the currant wine this time around.”
–Erin Murphy, Assistant, Creative Marketing

“I’d invite Eleanor Oliphant. With any luck, she’d bring a half empty bottle of vodka, a few cheese slices, and say literally whatever was on her mind about the nonsense happening around her. I couldn’t think of a better party guest.”
–Nicole Morano, Manager, Publicity

“All in on Lyra Belacqua from the His Dark Materials series!”
–Julie Wilson, Executive Producer & Audio Special Projects Manager

Author: Roald Dahl
Read By: Kate Winslet

“I’d invite Matilda Wormwood and Miss Honey! Both of them could use a good meal, Matilda is a charming kid who can definitely carry a conversation, and it could very quickly turn into book club. (I think I’d serve a pancake bar. Or, for a savory alternative, chicken nuggets and a million dip options. VERY LUXE.)”–Heather Job, Associate Publicist

“Flavia de Luce. We’d have tea…definitely NOT custard pie.”
–Orli Moscowitz, Senior Executive Producer