Your Audiobook Fortune
Staff Round-Up: Your Audiobook Fortune

A summer prediction: If you listen, the stories will come. As will Field of Dreams movie references. But for those of you who don’t have time to build a baseball field for ghosts or fall down internet rabbit holes looking for your next great listen, the crew at Penguin Random House Audio is here to help! We confidently predict you will enjoy one of these excellent staff picks.

“How do you raise your child in the era of Trump when you’re the daughter of immigrants? This question is the core of Good Talk. (That and dealing with your son’s obsession with Michael Jackson). An unflinching look at where we are today with race and our country. Funny, scary, real.”—Aaron Blank, Executive Producer, Audio

Max and the Midknights is such a fun, dynamic kids’ audiobook that’s entertaining for adults, too. There’s an amazing cast of narrators, sound effects, and music which all blend together to make the story come to life.”—Tara Djangi, Senior Manager, Creative Marketing

Double header pick from producer Nick!:

Author: Elan Mastai
Read By: Elan Mastai

“Hey, Stranger! Stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and listen to All Our Wrong Todays, written and narrated by Elan Mastai. It’s a funny novel about a guy who lives in a flying car—and the jetpack-filled future that was promised us in the 1950s—and what happens when the invention of time travel ruins that future for the rest of us.”—Nick Martorelli, Producer, Audio

“And if you’re new to audiobooks and a Star Wars fan, I’d recommend Dooku: Jedi Lost. It’s performed by a full cast, with music and sound effects, and so while it might spoil you for other audiobooks moving forward, it’s the kind of story that could only be told in audio.”—Nick Martorelli, Producer, Audio

Author: Selina Meyer
Read By: Selina Meyer

“The audiobook of A Woman First: First Woman is an expansion on the hardcover with multiple vocal appearances from Selina’s bag man, Gary. A must-listen for fans of the show.”—Anonymous (but very discerning) Audio Programmer

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