Horoscopes for 2022
Stars, 2022, and You: Audiobook Horoscopes For the New Year

Fame, fortune, a regular grocery shopping routine: all of it can be yours this year, astro believers! Before you lock in those resolutions (let’s be real, you never truly know what your goals are going to be until the end of January anyway), take a moment to check in with the stars. Then you’ll be ready to traipse into the new year with a backpack full of universe-level knowledge.

As you take those first few steps into 2022, pop those earbuds in and press play on an audiobook that will help guide you through the cosmos this year. They may just be exactly what you need.


It may be the Capricorns who ring in the New Year, but it’s you, dear Aries, who ushers in the astrological calendar. You’re in full business mode as we head into 2022: you’re ready to work and achieve some goals. You may butt heads with some people along the way (rams are known for their horns after all), but stick to your convictions–the peace you’ll feel when you get the change you’ve been after will make it all worth it.

You should listen to: Level Up by Stacey Abrams, Lara Hodgson & Heather Cabot


Don’t look now, but if 2022 was a spotlight it would be shining on you, Taurus. It may feel something akin to walking out of a movie theater into a bright, sunny parking lot. You’re closer than ever to your purpose: find a story that moves you and chase it. You’ve never felt such fulfillment!

You should listen to: The Impossible City by Karen Cheung


It’s no secret that things have felt a bit…wonky. You may have felt like you aren’t getting the support you need from the folks in your life (where’s your twin when you need ‘em amiright?). But look a little closer and you’ll find that 1.) the people you love are really there for you, maybe just in the background and 2.) Your belief in yourself is all you really need to get going.

You should listen to: Tell Everyone on This Train I Love Them by Maeve Higgins


Thank you for being a friend! You’re all about those relationships this year, crabcake. You may hit a few bumpy patches with pals and lovers alike in the first few months of this year, but worry not: with some sacrifices on your part, your boat will steady and it will make you the crustacean all the other ocean-dwellers flock to.

You should listen to:When We Lost Our Heads by Heather O’Neill


Smell those flowers, hear the music your city block makes, because you are in big ol love! Or at least, you will be. Is there one that got away? One that you have had a giant crush on for months because they make the perfect oat milk latte? Time to swallow that lion pride, apologize for taking so long, and get to declaring those heart feelings: fairytales await.

You should listen to: I’m So (Not) Over You by Kosoko Jackson


You’ve spent so much time and effort cultivating the relationships in your life in that signature Virgo way. This year, it’s time to finally let them bloom: open your heart and your front door, and let the people in. Literally. Being in your space and doing home-things like cooking and lounging with your beloveds is a recipe for the warm fuzzies.

You should listen to: Dessert Can Save the World by Christina Tosi


Excuse me, Libra, have you noticed your scales are tipping?! You’re taking care of the things and stuff and people around you with such intensity that you seem to have forgotten yourself. Self-care the level-headed, cozy, Libra way and you’ll settle into healthy habits in no time. 2022: the year of the level scales.

You should listen to Toxic Positivity by Whitney Goodman


Alright, Scorp, we are on a journey to the past. In order to step into your full, shiny self this year you’re going to have to put your life under the microscope. Doing a full dig will have you feeling ready to face past fears and insecurities head on, and there’s a chance you’ll find something you used to really love in that attic, too.

You should listen to: The Swimmers by Julie Otsuka


Welcome back, Sag! You’re feeling creative and charismatic, and are ready to run full force into the wide open field of the world on your horsey hooves. Your natural curiosity and accepting nature means that you’re, without a doubt, going to learn some things about yourself. New hobbies, new friends, and new desires are on the horizon.

You should listen to: Open by Rachel Krantz


Okay, so we’ve all made some choices! Right now, you’re doing a lot of reflecting on your past. Go ahead and cherry-pick the experiences that make you feel alive in every way: they’re going to light your fire, and have you going confidently after your goals once you can clearly see what they are.

You should listen to: Run Towards the Danger by Sarah Polley


You’re being bogged down by stuff, aren’t you Aqua? Maybe you hate your couch or can’t find a place for those rogue extension cords, or are pining after decor you simply can’t afford. Stick it out: the feeling will pass, and there will be an opportunity (it may be monetary or simply the perfect vintage find!) for you to slowly but surely cultivate your space. In the meantime, focus on each day as it comes.

You should listen to: Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff by Matt Paxton


You are dining at the fish food buffet, Pisces! Everything you see can be yours! You have wishes deep as the sea, and suddenly they’re all right in front of you. The paths you take this year will be the ones that write your life story, but don’t stress about it.. Try not to get too caught up in the bigger picture, and enjoy the magic as it comes to you, time and time again.

You should listen to: Violeta by Isabel Allende