2023 Horoscopes
Stars & Sounds: Your 2023 Audiobook Horoscope

Happy New Year, star gazers! 2023 has hardly come in the door and taken off its shoes, but it already looks like this is going to be a major year for nearly every zodiac sign. The theme of this year, it seems, is change: new relationships or changing old ones, new homes, new opportunities, and new random happenstances are coming for us all.

Before you finish setting your intentions for the year (this is a no resolution household!), take a moment to read how the stars say your world will shift this year. Then, meet the audiobook that will provide the inspiration, the courage, or the laughs you’ll need to wade through the changes.


Major changes will be taking place in your home and work lives: pondering a career switch? A move? A new roommate with a home candle making business? Love is coming your way in abundance, too. It’s going to be easier than ever for you to be fun and flirty. And how are you going to face these huge changes? Courage, goaty!

You should listen to: Age of Vice by Deepti Kapoor


You are in for a whirlwind this year, Aqua. Everything is new new new: friends, lovers, and opportunities. Take it all in your stride and say yes to most things, but be sure you’re not running yourself ragged or aligning yourself with the wrong folks. This is the year of you, so make sure you feel all good about the peeps you surround yourself with.

You should listen to: Friday I’m in Love by Camryn Garrett


You may be feeling a little wobbly at the moment. This can be a nerve-wracking way to begin a new year, but take heart little fishy! Work on your communication skills—seeing how people respond to you will make you feel more empowered to be to be capital Y You. You’re coming into your own, and everyone can tell.

You should listen to: Sam by Allegra Goodman


Aries aren’t known for being list-makers (hello, Virgo), but take 20 minutes to sit down and think of three personal goals you have. Not just for this year, but in general. There’s a bunch of eclipses in your sign this year, which means life changes abound, ram! With your goals figured out, you’ll be prepared to handle them. The theme of this year: refresh refresh refresh!

You should listen to:The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control by Katherine Morgan Schafler


Comfort creature, meet creature comforts! It’s the year of self-care for ol Bully, so snuggle up. Think about the things you tend to procrastinate on: reaching out to buddies? Doing your laundry in a timely manner? Make a resolution to work on that thing and that thing alone. Then reward yourself! Taureans love treats, so don’t deprive yourself after a job well done.

You should listen to: The Stress Prescription by Elissa Epel, PhD


There’s no way around it: you’re gonna have a banger of a year, Gem. You’re feeling creative! You’re feeling social! You’re feeling active! Life is going to serve you up some amazing things this year. How you respond to them is going to help solidify your inner self. You’re growing. Someone try to stop you!

You should listen to My Life in the Sunshine by Nabil Ayers


Here is a challenge for you in 2023: try to think with your mind open, and your heart safe. You’ll have some big choices to make in the home and friendship sectors, so make sure you don’t miss out on something great (or, on the flipside fall into a dicey situation) because you feel your opinions are set in stone. You’re worthy of wonderful things, so make sure you’re open to receiving them.

You should listen to: Shine Bright by Danyel Smith


Channel your inner Sagittarius, and get traveling this year, Simba. You’ve been sitting still for far too long. But keep that Leo loyalty close by…and apply it to your commitment to yourself. You may find that you’re your own most meaningful relationship. Roam free. The world is on your side.

You should listen to: Imagine a City by Mark Vanhoenacker


You’ve spent time making your lists, checking ‘em twice. Your routines are down. You can make space for the new. Have you been thinking about a side hustle or project? If so, you’re ready. It might not be the jazziest year you’ve ever had, but you’re laying the groundwork. If anyone can appreciate that, it’s you.

You should listen to: Dream First, Details Later by Ellen Bennett


You’re in relationship central, buddy! Whether it’s your own personal Love Island style date-o-rama or making new friends with the ferocity of a middle schooler. You’re cultivating: the people you meet this year are ones that you will want to stick around, leaving space for you to cut out the ones who are no longer Your People. That said, be sure to consider the people you’re making ‘ships with––they have feelings, too!

You should listen to: Making Great Relationships by Rick Hanson, PhD


The theme of your year is health: healthy bod, healthy brain, healthy love life. It’s not the sexiest, but getting into a routine is going to make you feel so much better. You’re setting yourself up to thrive. And that is sexy, in my humble opinion. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for you to disappear and get your ducks in a row––people expect mystery from Scorpios. So worry not. They’ll still be there.

You should listen to: How to Be Weird by Eric G. Wilson


You’re a social butterfly on the average day, but this year you should sink that energy less into going out and being a party pony and more on finding new spaces where you thrive. Whether it’s via travel or simply a new hobby class, keep your eyeballs peeled for community. You’ll feel deeper connections, including with yourself, when you meet the like-minded.

You should listen to: A Dash of Salt and Pepper by Kosoko Jackson