How to Stay Motivated During the Dark Days of Winter

The winter is always a tough time to run. With the short days and the cold weather, it’s hard to convince yourself to put on those layers and head out the door. Once you do, though, it’s well worth it. I find winter runs to be some of my best: there’s no humidity so it’s much easier to breathe, the streets are less crowded, and once you warm up you can go as long as you want without getting all sticky and sweaty.

Of course you’ll occasionally need a little extra motivation to bundle up and start out, and that’s where audiobooks come in. I just recently listened to Big Little Lies on audio, and boy did it help me get going! The drama, the friendships, the dark secrets just waiting to be uncovered…you won’t want to stop running until you get through a few more chapters of this one! At first it seems like petty kindergarten-mom bickering, but I promise you, as the story develops it becomes so much more than that. And here is even more motivation—the HBO series just started on February 19, so listen in advance of each episode so you can compare the audiobook to the show! You’ll be sure to log some long runs this way.

If juicy gossip and hidden backstories aren’t your thing, here are a few more newly released audiobooks that might give you that extra boost to hit the pavement when the weather is trying to convince you otherwise:

The Case Against Sugar

If your New Year’s resolution had anything to do with losing weight or eating healthy, this audiobook is the one you should tune into during your next run. It’s an insightful look at how sugar affects us and how to combat this common addiction.

Don't Tell Me You're Afraid

This is a real running story about perseverance: the drive to keep going when you’re being held back, and to reach for a better life when the world is crumbling around you.

The Good Daughter

A thriller with twists and turns that will get your heart pumping and keep you engaged as the miles fly by.

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