Stuart Woods’s Stone Barrington Series is Thrilling

Stone Barrington has led a full life in law: he started at New York University as a law student, before dropping out when he became enamored with police work.

After serving for 14 years as a patrolman and detective, he was let go for disagreeing with the higher-ups of the New York Police Department. Though he was no longer a policeman, Stone wasn’t interested in leaving his career in law behind. An old friend from law school hired Stone to take on cases that the law firm of Woodman & Weld prefers to keep quiet. Stone uses his charm, smarts, and skills to baffle criminals in his thrilling adventures.

Stuart Woods is a no-nonsense, slam-bang storyteller,” writes the Chicago Tribune. Woods’s writing, fast-paced and full of banter, makes the Stone Barrington series a perfect fit for audiobooks.

Tony Roberts, a talented Broadway and film actor, brings Woods’s skilled narration to life, making it nearly impossible to press pause on one of Stone’s feats. Roberts has been in a number of productions, and has been nominated for awards twice at the Tonys.

In the most recent Stone Barrington novel, Shoot First, Stone finds himself at the center of a violently interrupted golf game. It becomes clear that the attack was meant to harm Stone’s golfing companion, a businesswoman who heads up a software startup. The startup contains secrets that someone wants to get ahold of…at any cost. Shoot First follows Stone from Key West to the English countryside in his quest to protect the young woman from a dangerous and resourceful mastermind.

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Shoot First
Author: Stuart Woods
Read By: Tony Roberts

From the sun-soaked Florida shores to an idyllic English country retreat, Stone embarks on a quest to protect his lovely new companion while searching for the mastermind behind the plot against her. But he may find that her enemy is far more resourceful–and dangerous–than he could have anticipated.SHOOT FIRST

Foreign Affairs
Author: Stuart Woods
Read By: Tony Roberts

When he’s appraised at the last minute of a mandatory meeting abroad, Stone Barrington rushes off to Rome for a whirlwind trip of business and, of course, pleasure. But trouble is brewing, and Stone may be facing more than he bargained for.FOREIGN AFFAIRS

Author: Stuart Woods
Read By: Tony Roberts

In the wake of a personal tragedy, former CIA operative Teddy Fay—now a successful Hollywood film producer known as Billy Barnett—takes a leave of absence to travel and grieve, and lands in Santa Fe in the company of his friends Stone Barrington and Ed Eagle. There, fate hands him an unexpected opportunity to exact quiet revenge for his recent loss, from a man who helped to cover up the crime.UNBOUND

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