6 YA Horror Listens to Give You the Creeps
Summer Scaries: 6 Teen Horror Listens to Give You the Creeps

Sunday scaries: dreading going back to work or school on Monday, likely after a particularly lovely weekend.

Summer scaries: adding a chill to your beach day and a shiver to your campfires with terrifying tales of hauntings, murderers, and cults.

Press play on tales of teens who fight back against the darkness that lurks and stay spooked all season long.

No phones. No internet. No social media at all. That’s what it’s going to take to finally get serious about school and focus on exams. Nova, Vin, and Lotus even rented a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere so they won’t get distracted. But they aren’t alone. Someone is watching them from the forest. Someone who knows their secrets. Someone who wants revenge. And things will never be the same again. There’s nowhere to hide from Stranger Danger.

When Liv lands an opportunity to study aboard a luxury cruise ship, she can’t believe her luck. But as soon as she steps on board, Liv realizes just how out of her depth she is. Liv quickly discovers that the only reason she was invited to join the trip is because another girl disappeared shortly after enrolling. In Those We Drown, further disappearances rock the ship and strange creatures begin haunting Liv’s dreams, she wonders: Is the Eos hiding a dark secret?

From the moment Audre arrives in rural Pennsylvania, it’s clear she won’t fit in. Her nose ring, her horror movie obsession, and her family’s Ouija board collection aren’t likely to endear her to a town convinced there’s a secret Satanic cult conducting rituals in the nearby woods. When Audre’s crush, Elle, goes missing the town is quick to point fingers in Audre’s direction. Has Elle fallen victim to a Satanic ritual, or is the town’s obsession with the occult covering up something even more sinister?

Author: Linda Kao
Read By: Shawn K. Jain

Some say that Rae Winter walking away from the car crash that killed her dad is a miracle, but Matthew Watts knows that the devil can mark a soul about to pass on, sending it back to the land of the living to carry out his evil will. Matt has grown up alongside his father hunting and exterminating anyone who has this mark. But when Matt starts to fall for Rae, he’s not sure how someone who is thoughtful and smart and kind could be an agent of the devil. Find out if the mark exists in A Crooked Mark.

Author: Suzanne Young
Read By: Elena Rey

Theo and her brother, Marco are spending the summer in the rainy beachside town of Nightfall, Oregon with their grandmother. She lays out the one house rule: always be home before dark. But on their first day, Theo and Marco meet Minnow and her friends, who have a magnetic pull they can’t resist. But Minnow and her friends are far from what they appear. Theo quickly realizes she should have listened to her grandmother. Because after dark, something emerges In Nightfall. And it doesn’t plan to let her leave.

Cynthia Leitich Smith revisits the world of her American Indian Youth Literature Award winner Hearts Unbroken in Harvest House. Hughie Wolfe is excited to take part in the fun, spooky attraction Harvest House, until he learns that an actor playing the vengeful spirit of an “Indian maiden” will headline. Plus, unusual things have been happening at the crossroads near Harvest House. While Hughie weighs how to speak up about the bigoted legend, he and his friends begin to investigate if the crossroads might be haunted. As Moon rises on All Hallow’s Eve, will they be able to protect themselves and their community?

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