Suspenseful Listens to Keep You Crafting

We’ve all experienced crafting fatigue: you want to finish your project but your hand is cramping, your paints are drying up, and you have nothing occupying your ears while you fill in every little detail of the perfect picture. Keep those fingers flying with the help of these thrill-filled audiobooks—you’ll have your creative groove back in no time.

Here are 5 more gorgeous coloring sheets from New York Street Style, The Night Voyage, Paris Street Style, The Official Outlander Coloring Book, and Color Me Jane for you to work on while you lose yourself in the twisty, turn-y goodness of these listens.

In the terrifying sequel to The Haunted, Hendricks discovers that even though Steele House is gone, the hauntings in Drearfield are far from over — and it’s up to her to stop them.

When Michel, a Swiss banker, discovers his wife Alice’s betrayal he turns for help to a Russian client who leads him into unknown territory, endangering not only his own life but that of Alice, and above all, his fourteen-year-old daughter. Listen as the family unravels in this thrilling novel that moves between the French Riviera, Switzerland, and Amagansett.

Author: Colin Dickey
Read By: Will Damron

In a world where rational, scientific explanations are more available than ever, belief in the unprovable and irrational is on the rise. Enter Colin Dickey, Cultural Historian and Tour Guide of the Weird. With the same curiosity and insight that made Ghostland a hit with readers and critics, Colin looks at what all fringe beliefs have in common: the attempt to find meaning in a world stripped of wonder.

Alissa, Sky, Miles and Mint are ready for a night of fun at the Escape Room. It’s simple. Choose their game. Get locked in a room. Solve the puzzles. And escape the room in 60 minutes. But what happens if the Game Master has no intention of letting them go?

Faye has loved Jack since they were students at business school. Jack, the perpetual golden boy, grew up wealthy. But after the birth of their daughter, Jack begins to treat her coldly. When Faye discovers that he’s having an affair, the polished façade of their life cracks wide open. Listen with baited breath to this sexy, over-the-top psychological thriller about Faye’s plot to get her revenge and bring Jack to his knees.

When Alex Cassidy and Diane Alison meet at a party in New Jersey, the chemistry between them is instant and undeniable. She’s a single mother, he’s a single father… and leader of an armed-robbery crew that just pulled off a jewel heist in Las Vegas. Neither one realizes that their lives have overlapped before, and that the shared history they uncover will threaten everyone they love.

Charlotte has felt so alone since her career imploded…until she meets Peter. He’s her new boyfriend who has asked that their romance remain a secret. That is why she is too scared to report his disappearance to the authorities when he vanishes. Weeks later, police contact her to make an ID on a body. Instead of Peter, she arrives at the morgue and sees a woman she has never met before on the table. Relief is replaced by confusion, then terror, when Charlotte realizes she has become the prime suspect.

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