Book Club-Ready Audiobooks by AANHPI Authors
8 Book Club Ready Audiobooks by Asian and Asian American Authors

Tender romances, sharp campus satire, sweeping historical fiction, and true family history: there is genuinely something for everyone in this selection of critically-acclaimed audiobooks by Asian and Asian American authors. READ MORE

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Mysteries and Thrillers Starring Asian American Leads

A spy with high family expectations, a carefully planned wedding with a mafia family as the caterer, and a missing woman with a past unknown to her long-time boyfriend. Buckle up for mysteries and thrillers that are not only edge-of-your seat listens, but richly laced with Asian cultures. How does one find balance between family expectations, maintain centuries-old traditions and cultural formalities whilst trying uncover secrets, protect themselves from harm, and prevent murder? Take your pick and find out.


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